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  ·  Ecological Section

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  ·  Conservation Biology


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  ·  Ecological Section

Poster:Posters for Topics

  ·  Conservation Biology

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  ·  Building a High-Resolution, Specimen-Based Picture of Life: Possibilities and Challenges
  ·  Ecological interactions affecting the evolutionof plant mating systems: Current research and future directions
  ·  Orchid Biology: Darwin`s Contrivances 150 Years Later
  ·  Phenology and Conservation Implications
  ·  Rhizosphere interactions: the root microbiome
  ·  Transplantations and relocation of species at risk: learning from the past to plan for the future
  ·  Watertransport in plants at multiple scales: A physiological, ecological, andevolutionary appraisal

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Tuesday, July 10th

Tuesday, July 10th, 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm · Union B/Hyatt
Session M27: Meeting: Ecological Section Business Meeting
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July 10th 5:30 pmUnion B/HyattEcological Section Business Meeting
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